Thursday, August 23, 2007

All Aboard the Poon-A-Boose!

Chugga, chugga, woo-woo! Aspiring Pooners take note. This well polished Pooner has game day in Columbia damn near figured out. It's hard to miss the dress - it just screams "Look at my pretty smile"! Several dimples in one smile is also a very nice touch that Pooners simply cannot fake. Meticulous Poon-Hunters will also notice the Rebel flag in the background attached to Jimmy McDelpicooper's 2007 Holiday Rambler 442 which is only $67/month over the next 3,283 months. Damn fine deal Jimmy.

Critical Poon Hunter Lesson: This brings up a very good point for all of you fratty's and GDI's take note of...Although the dress tells you to immediately quit looking at her face and stare directly at the upper 5/8th's of her titties which are so nicely exposed, she'll probably get pissed and think you're a dirty pervert for doing so. Make sure to wear some large, dark shades at all times (even if it has been dark for hours) which will enable you to sip your Cap'n Morgan/7UP and nod "uh-huh" while she explains to you that she has to meet her parents at 8:00 a.m. the next morning for breakfast at Denny's so you have to be out of her room by 6:30 a.m. at the latest. All the while you stare at the supple jibbly's unbeknownst to the Pooner.


South Poonalina Hunter said...

What dimples? No point in looking at anything north of that "forbidden window of clevage"

Anonymous said...

Get a life people. This is a well respected girl. She is the most down to earth, honest girl you will ever meet. So take your random pictures and not tell "FANS" who are walking from tailgate to tailgate what you are taking pictures for...(any
Respectable girl like her would NEVER let you take such stupid picuters and put such VULGAR comments) Honestly people..get a life..and stop using pretty girls who have no clue what you are doing to make yours. Because you are just LOOKED DOWN UPON from Carolina Girls who are such wonderfully dressed.